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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  November 14, 2011 3:00am-4:00am EST

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you next fox knew sunday. huckabee is next. captions by closed captioning services >> mike: hello everyone, i'm mike huckabee from beautiful bran son, missouri. tens of thousands of veterans have gathered here for a special sleuth to those heros who keep our country free. tonight, we're in the magnificent theater where i will be joined by my friend tony orlando for a special salute to veterans on this edition of huckabee. captions by closed captioning services >> mike: please welcome my dear friend tony orlando.
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[cheers and applause] >> do we live in the greatest country on this planet earth? i don't hear you. [cheers and applause] get those hands red, white, blue, come on, veterans. this is for you. ♪ ♪ with a ♪ ♪
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♪ it's a new and shiny place ♪ make our bed and say our grace. ♪ freedom lights ♪ freedom lights burning warm ♪ ♪ everywhere around the world ♪ they coming to america ♪ every time that flag unfurld they come to america ♪ they have a dream they come to share ♪ you can see them coming?
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♪ they have a dream they come to share ♪ they bringing it to america ♪ to america ♪ sweet america ♪ my one and only ♪ my one and only ♪ mine, yours, ours ♪ i'm talking about sweet, sweet america ♪ my, my, my america ♪ there is only one, there is only one ♪ there is only one, one, one, one ♪ my country tis of thee ♪ sweet land of liberty ♪ of thee i sing ♪ of thee i sing ♪ of thee i sing ♪ today! ♪ one word that's what i want from you come on, veterans, come on ♪ today ♪ sweet, sweet ♪ whoa my my my my ♪ whoa my my my ♪ america ♪ you put your life on the
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line for america ♪ you put your line on -- you put your life on the line for america ♪ we want to thank you so ♪ we want to thank you ♪ come on thank them very, very ♪ all of you who love this country stand for all the veterans across this nation ♪ that's right, that's right ♪ let's sing it for america. are you ready? come on ♪ you put your life on the line for america ♪ you put your life on the line for us ♪ you put your life on the line for america ♪ we want to thank them all ♪ we want to thank them all ♪ come on, let's thank them all on this veterans day very much. ♪ america, america, america ♪ america
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♪ god bless ♪ god bless our sweet, sweet sweet ♪ america. [cheers and applause] >> how about it for our veterans, everybody. and now while you are on your feet would you please welcome governor mike huckabee. [cheers and applause] show him how much you love him. [cheers and applause] [ laughter ] >> mike: great to be with you, tony. >> it is an honor to have you here. i have done your show. i have asked you can you ever come to branson and you kept your word. and as you can see this is the largest gathering of veterans in the united states of america on november 11th. this is our 18th year here
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once again for the great american governor, governor mike huckabee. >> mike: tony, thank you very much. thank all of you for being here. first of all, what a joy it is to be in one of the greatest communities in america. branson, missouri, beautiful place nevada here in the nest of the ozarks. some of the most hospitable people in the world. i get to be on the stage with one the greatest american patriots that breathes american air today, tony orlando. >> thank you. >> mike: the best. >> i have a very special honor for you. those are the veterans here who have been here for the last 18 years. and many of them come back year after year. every year we have given a token of our appreciation, a medal of freedom. and some of the people who have received this before you, you will receive this now, and it's going to be a great honor to give it to you. because in the line of great people, such as gerald ford who came and received this medal, bob hope, who was the
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first recipient, if you remember. [ applause ] >> john mccain, president eisenhower received it because we felt he did so much for our country and mary eisenhower was here to receive the award. tonight, ross perot, tonight, it's your turn. and i would like to bring somebody out who has been great to us and is the chairman of -- bob. could you please come out here. mary eisenhower. she is here with you. mary eisenhower, ladies and gentlemen. >> mary, it's a pleasure to see you, mary. >> pleasure to see you, too. >> bob? >> governor. >> mary received this honor for her grandfather president eisenhower. >> that is beautiful. >> show it to the camera. this is the first of its kind minted by franklin mint. bob, there is something you would like to read on that. >> yes. >> i will do my best, tony. tony, orlando, yellow ribbon medal of freedom presented to
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governor mike huckabee. on this veterans day, november 11th, 2011, in honor of service to your country, supporting our troops and veterans, patriotism and valor and for being a national voice of reason and standing strong for the values set forth by our founding fathers and for the constitution of the united states of america. [cheers and applause] >> mike: thank you very much. >> would you mind? being that you are the granddaughter of one of our greatest presidents, would you mind putting this around america's governor, governor mike huckabee. >> the 18th recipient. >> mike: thank you, mary. thank you. >> congratulations. >> thanks for being here. >> mike: thank you. i want to say first of all to mary, to bob, and especially to tony, my heart felt thanks.
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it's a little awkward receiving something like this in the presence of so many of you. the fact is, i stand here today as a grateful american and as a free american not because one thing i have ever done but because of the things that you, in this auditorium have done. [ applause ] >> have you gone when your country called. [ applause ] >> you have put on the uniform of this nation. you have traveled half way around the world. have you gone to places whose names you could not even pronounce at the time you got there some of you came back with one of your arms or legs left in the country where you fought there to keep battles from being fought here. most of us have been able to live in this country without fearing that we would step on a land mine in our neighborhoods. our fear that somehow there would be a bomb placed on the
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streets in which our children played. and the reason that we could have that confidence is because people were willing to serve this country. by nothing more than the grace of god, my birthday fell just a few months after the draft ended. and so when the draft ended, a few months before my 18th birthday, my vigil of watching those numbers every year ended. and by that time, with the military being drawn down, even being an rotc in college didn't mean a lot because they weren't looking for people, certainly not like me. and the fact is, i have always felt that but for a few months' difference, it could have been me. i sometimes think it should have been me. but i ask the question. would it have been me?
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every one of you have given the answer. when you were asked you said yes. and today every american owes something to you that no words can possibly put into focus. because the reality is, that you have fought for us. and what i would love to say on this veterans day is that for every one of you veterans, who have fought for us, it's time that we fight for you. and make sure this country never ever turns its back on the veterans of the united states of america. who gave all so that every one of us could enjoy this great, great, wonderful nation. thank you very much for this medal but, more importantly, thank you for your service and
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patriotism and valor to the united states of america. god bless you. [cheers and applause] >> mike: we'll be right back, i promise. >> you fought in the atlantic war. riding into the teeth of the normandy coastal defenses, carrying the hopes of the whole free world. [explosion] [ male announcer ] butter. love the taste, but want to cut back on f? try smart balance buttery sead. 's heart-healthier than butter. with omega-3s. 64% less saturated fat. andlinically proven to help support healthy cholesterol. ♪ put a little love in your heart ♪
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>> mike: welcome back, we are at the theater in branson, missouri honoring our nation's veterans. we are so happy to have you with us. i'm thrilled today to be joined by my co-host tony orlando. >> thank you. governor, you know what? one of the things we did before you came to town, we
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wondered how and how the people would want to do this show. and unanimously, they all wanted to do questions for you. so with your permission, some of our vets have some questions for you. >> mike: what if i don't give you my permission? you are going to do it anyway. >> well, yeah. [ laughter ] >> mike: i don't mind. >> i want your permission because this man here is just yearning to talk to you. get up and talk to the governor. there is a microphone. you ask him whatever you want. >> governor. >> mike: yes, sir. >> what more do you think could be done for our returning troops? >> mike: first of all, we need to make sure that the medical assistance they need for physical injuries is not in any way delayed or deterred. nobody should wait more than 30 minutes to see a doctor or a clinical practitioner for the needs they have. [cheers and applause] >> mike: if the rest of us have to wait, so be it. but the veterans ought to go to the front of the line for medical assistance. and we also ought to make it so that veterans don't have to just go to a v.a. facility.
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if they live more than 50 miles from that facility, they should be able to go to the facility of their choice nearest their home. [cheers and applause] >> mike: and have that need met. and then we need to mike sure that not only are the physical stars being taken -- physical scars being taken care of but the mental and emotional scars that may not surface for months, for years or even for decades but there should never be a time limit based on what a veteran is needing for hirst hirst his or her care. if we have to take every monument in d.c. sell off the parts to pay for it, that is one obligation that we as american citizens have to our veterans. >> [cheers and applause] >> got one here. what is your name, sir? >> i'm pat patterson, fort wayne, indiana. vietnam.
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navy. governor, if iran has the bomb, do you think they are going to use it? >> mike: if iran has the bomb there is no other reason they have it but to use it one of the greatest points of naivete is to think that iran is building the bomb as a deterrent. they are building the bomb as a weapon. let's be real clear. when the united states and the soviet union were police officer rating nuclear weapons, we proliferating nuclear weapons, creating as many as we could so both sides would never use them. iran is sole purpose they can and will use it no other country has consistently threatened to annihilate other countries as iran has. let me distinguish the iranian people are good and decent people but the iranian leadership are stark, raving lunatics. and they cannot be allowed to have the nuclear weapon ever under any circumstances. [ applause ] >> thank you, sir. thank you.
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got one here, sir? >> governor,. >> what is your name first. >> kenny. >> mike: hi, kenny. >> in your opinion, should would he be pulling out of the war? >> mike: i know there are decisions made at a pay grade well above mine. the only ren we should if is we believe we have accomplished the mission for which we have set out to do. if we believe in walking away, particularly as we now plan from iraq at the end of this year and afghanistan another two years, that these countries are capable of defending themselves, then absolutely we should. we should not spend one more american life than is absolutely necessary. but, by the same token, we should not allow the job to go unfinished now that we have committed to it. we can argue all day whether we should have gone and what measure. but that decision has been made. now we need to make sure that what happens in the future doesn't come back worse. and there is a great biblical story if you will allow me to use it it's when the demons
3:20 am
were swept away but nothing was put in its place and seven more came back that made it worse than it was. we must learn the lessons that the soviets didn't learn in the 1980s and we didn't learn them either from afghanistan. if you leave a void and a vacuum, it will be filled by islam mow fascist terrorists. their goal is not for equity or parity. their goal is for annihilation. let us never ever forget that we are at war with an enemy that would like to take the last breath of every american who breathes today. [ applause ] >> thank you, sir. >> mike: when we come back, there is more with tony orlando and special guest. don't go away. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪
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[cheers and applause] >> mike: welcome back. i got something -- >> mike: look where i ended up. >> i have got something planned for you. >> mike: you do? >> when you watch a governor huckabee show of course he has the little rockers. say hello to branson rockers right here. >> mike: yeah. >> all right? i know the kind of music you like. i didn't hip you to this. this is what we are going to do to you today. tracy, give it to governor huckabee. >> he likes that rock and roll stuff, buddy. come on. get those hands hot. come on. come on. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> look at that governor go,
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man. look at him play that. ♪ ♪ ♪ go, governor, go, go ♪ go, governor, go go ♪ ♪ the governor is real good take it away ♪ ♪ ♪ go, go ♪ go, governor, go
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♪ go, governor, go, go ♪ ♪ go, governor, go, go ♪ >> mike huckabee and the branson rockers [cheers and applause] >> i knew you would love that. >> mike: do i get the gig? >> you got the gig, man. you got the gig is right. one more time. ♪ go, go ♪ go governor go. >> let me hear it. >> go, governor, go. ♪ go, governor, go ♪ the governor is good. >> that's it. [ laughter ] >> mike: and i promise we will be right back. [ laughter ] if you've just signed up for medicare or will soon,
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huckabee. >> mike: welcome back to the theater. i'm pretty sure you don't know him this way. for 22 years he honorably served his country in the military. he went to first the marine corps and we have a few marines out here today. [cheers] >> mike: after a stint in the marine corps he was accepted into the naval preparatory school and then went on to annapolis. he has spent his life in a way that a lot of people are not aware giving himself tirelessly to veterans. because he he is one. and he loves this country.
3:32 am
but you don't know him as that military person i described. you know him as an emmy winning television talk show host. would you join me in giving a big branson welcome to mr. montel williams. [cheers and applause] >> mike: montel, great to have you here. >> you know, yesterday was a marine corps birthday. >> hoorah. >> great to be here. >> mike: thank you so much. they were all wondering who you were. i mean, i was giving all this stuff. i don't think most people know about the years that you spent serving this country in the military. when you come to a place like branson, you see amazing veterans. i want you to tell me what it
3:33 am
does to you inside. >> it makes me understand and realize why i'm still serving today. though i don't wear the uniform. when i look out at you, you give me the reason why i need to go back and visit our soldiers at walter reed three months. visit afghanistan. a reason why i'm a board member at fisher house. you give me the reason to keep me going. what's sad is that today is veterans day. and we're going to hear all across this country this mantra that seems to have been a collective saying that sprouted up out of the last presidential election. i support the troops. rolled off people's mouths and lips very easily. today it's going to roll off a lot of people's mouths very easily. and tomorrow i will still see people turn their back on a lost soldier in the airport. i will see people not go down to the bethesda or walter reid to say hi to the guys still
3:34 am
coming back. we have two more back this week. and they lay in hospital beds in walter reid bethesda and maybe the family sees them? yes. but do anybody else come by? so when i sit in an audience like this and i see veterans who are so proud of the fact that they gave for this country, it pumps me up to make sure i keep giving. >> mike: montel, i want to ask you what should we keep doing to make sure we do for our veterans. one of the questions asked to me is what should we do? i want to get your perspective from the standpoint of being a verb but also observer of american culture and commentator on american culture. >> it's tough right now because i think what we're not understanding is right this minute less than 1/3 of 1% of america has been protecting our freedom for the last 10 years. we have got 1.9 million service members on active duty right now. >> volunteer. >> volunteer. 500,000 of them have filed
3:35 am
applications for disability. 500,000. these people are have went over, left body parts iraq and afghanistan. see guys left pieces all over the planet. all they come home all they want number one is respect. >> yeah. >> number two, they want to keep giving. [cheers and applause] >> we can't find a job and today, you know, today, the senate and the congress and the president passed a bill that's going to now insent advise companies to give about 100,000 jobs to our veterans so far today only 100,000 of those jobs the president promised have been accounted for. so when i said earlier about the fact that we can let those words roll off our lips today i support the troops. damn it, we need action, not a lot of talk. time for talk is done. [cheers] >> mike: this is election year
3:36 am
coming up. we will be into all kinds of politics. montel, from your perspective, do you think that the draw down of the troops in iraq and getting out of iraq this year, does that help or hurt president obama's chances of getting reelected? >> wow, i wish i could be concerned about him and the election. [ laughter ] >> i'm concerned about getting my boys home. [cheers and applause] >> but, you said it earlier, governor. and it's something that we have to pay very close attention to. folks, right now, our soldiers and sailors between the ages of 19 and 24 have the toughest time on this planet getting a job. right now their unemployment rate is as high as 2 %. national average is 9%. we're not hiring them because we don't believe in their experience on the battlefield translates into the office. but when we got to understand is that -- this is what i'm hoping that maybe this year, i don't care if you are republic or democrat. i want somebody to tell me h we are going to give our boys
3:37 am
their dignity back help them translate some of the skill in the military. give them some sort of degree or businesses to stop asking questions person putting together computer system n a battlefield,. >> you are going to get a chance to speak to one of our nation's leaders, montel. if we are going to be here and talk about veterans issues we might as well ask someone who might as well address you. ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. [ laughter ] mr. president, welcome to branson, missouri. >> you know, it's great to be here. >> mike: mr. president, if i can just ask you something. how do you feel? we are talking about veterans issues. fair to bring up a political question. have you been watching all the debates that have been going on among the republicans? one of these guys is going to be your opponent next year.
3:38 am
>> we will see. the family and i, we get a big bowl of popcorn, curl up on the couch and watch those debates. they have been very entertaining. it's my favorite part of the week. and, you know, it's pretty good. >> so you are feeling pretty good about everything. you think you might survive next year? >> i feel great! now, they are trying to make me a one-term president but i'm not going anywhere. i will survive. trust me. listen, ♪ ♪ last year i was on top ♪ invincible ♪ left leaning principles ♪ i did it behind closed doors in the dark of night ♪ now looking safe ♪ there is no one who can't beat me ♪ who is not barack ♪ just ♪ just know that stimulus health care are your saving grace ♪ now congress could have
3:39 am
stopped it ♪ but that nancy pelosi ♪ said pass it now ♪ freedom later ♪ now that's transparency ♪ i am ba rake ♪ number 44 ♪ i am the color that no president has been before ♪ but this color is quite natural ♪ unlike john boehner's tan ♪ so let me be clear ♪ i am in charge ♪ i am the man ♪ because i'm barack ♪ i'm on a high ♪ like that tingling running up chris matthew's side ♪ i have hope and change for you ♪ you will survive ♪ you just won't thrive ♪ hey, hey ♪ that's right. [ laughter ] ♪ i'm tired of being mr. nice guy ♪ that's right >> mike: we'll be right back. mr. president won't. ( phone ringing )
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3:44 am
megan lawson is out in the audience. she has some very special guests who have some questions today. >> yes, governor, i'm here with major george boyd from the air force with the tuskegee airmen. [cheers and applause] >> mike: god bless you, sir. >> thank you very much. and we're honored to be here to share this celebration with you. mr. williams,. >> yes, sir. >> how did you become interested in a military career? >> you know, back -- i'm a vietnam era vet myself. i came n 173. the reason why is because a friend of mine -- a friend of my brother's joined the marine corps. i graduated in 1974. this friend graduated in 1972. he went to gitmo and one of the last people injured in gitmo. he got shot in an accident down there. came back. i saw him in his uniform after he came back from the hospital and, you know, i was a young kid, just moved beyond belief. i thought to myself i'm going
3:45 am
to go defend my friend. as soon as i had opportunity to enlist, i enlisted. what happened because i done so well in school i got selected to go to the naval academy. >> mike: montel, i have to ask, it has to be a special moment the tuskegee airmen helped pave the way for african-americans to be treated as they should have been treated all along in this country in the military. and if it had not been for you montel could not and would not have been ever able to serve. we owe you a debt of obligation for your courage and service to this great country. [cheers and applause] >> thank you, sir. [ applause ] >> mike: thank you, sir. >> jennifer ruth is one of our fox producers and she is here with a special guest on the front row. jennifer? >> hi, governor. this is corporal eddie beazley. he has a question for you. [cheers] >> thank you, governor for
3:46 am
coming to spend your day with us today in branson. >> mike: my honor, thank you. >> my question is, do you think america is still the number one power. >> eddie, i do believe america is the number one power. i'm not one who is pessimistic about this country and its future. i know a lot of people think that our greatest days are behind us. that's only true if we accept that i don't accept it. [cheers and applause] >> i believe the greatest days of this country are yet ahead. means that every one of us has got to act like americans again and that means quit whining and start working and building this country from bottom to top and do what others have done and what you sir, have done is make sacrifices for us to be the greatest country. >> sir, we can't be the greatest country in america until leaders in this country understand the principles of this man right here is talking about. unfortunately, what's gone on, i said it to him back stage, how about this, since we're all disenchanted with every single person who is running,
3:47 am
can't we recruit this man? [cheers and applause] >> mike: we better get some more questions on here. >> it's a unanimous decision here. >> mike: all right. let's go back to megan. >> i'm sorry. >> this is paul jackson from little rock, arkansas. he has a question for tony. >> hey, tony, thanks for inviting me back to this show after being at your show many times. >> mike: look at that good-looking shirt is he wearing. >> go hogs. >> tony, i have been to your show dozens of times. heard you sing a particular song many times. tie a yellow ribbon but i wonder, you sing it so many times, hundred thousands, maybe, when was the first time that it came what it is today and really something that means something special to all veterans everywhere?
3:48 am
>> thank you. i don't normally talk about it. it started with bob hope. i got a call at home. this is a true story. i never met mr. hope. phone rings and i hear this familiar voice. hi, tony, this is bob yellow ribbon hope. i said really this is frank i don't believe you sinatra. who is this? he said no really this is bob and deloras hope. i want you to come counsel -- down and welcome our pow's cotton bowl in texas. i really sir is that you? >> i love that opening line. i'm coming home. i've done my time. that's every single soldier's mother's prayer. he said now you come on down there and there will be 70,000. i got there and i walk out and there is 500 plus p.o.w.'s on the 50-yard line at the cotton bowl. i sang this song for the first time. i looked out, was nervous as can be. i will never forget. this the p.o.w.'s started singing the chorus. tie a yellow ribbon. >> their eyes hadn't adjusted
3:49 am
to daylight yet. i look over at mr. hope and he goes gives me one big fat wink. he knew, somehow he knew that that song would be a symbol of homecoming and hope for people. we just went into the recording studio about a love song. we had no idea. it wasn't meant for war. it turned out to be a symbol in this country that i'm so proud of being part of. thank you for asking. >> mike: great question and great story. final question. >> colonel carla jessup from the marine corps. >> happy birthday marines. >> mr. williams, i was just wondering why you started to talking to high school kids. >> i was stationed in -- one of the spa jobs i was doing. i ran an organization, this was before america got used to 180-day deployments. i ran an office at the national security agency that was called classic power there where we had all the hebrew linguist under my command and youngest officer ever run that command. our guys spent 179 days
3:50 am
deployed, came home three days and went back for 179 days. this was back in 1988. before we could even have deployments beyond 90 days. what was happening was the family members. and the kids, because of that harsh separation, had a lot of problems. so i started speaking to the family members on my base. some other people heard about it asked me to speak at kansas state university for one presentation and that's what launched my entire career because from that one speaking engagement, i got about 5,000 requests and i ended up resigning my commission and going and help kids. >> mike: i'm glad he did. because he has made america a better place because of it colonel, thank you. thank you. we'll be right back. stay with us. more from branson, missouri on this veterans day weekend. [cheers and applause] ♪ we know a place where tossing and turning
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>> welcome back. montel williams and on tony orlando celebrating with me the wonderful veterans . montel, thank you and tone for being part. and tony for invading your theater. thank you for coming with your show. love you, everyone of you. [applause] >> i don't know why or if they would love me, but i will make it clear. i speak on behalf of every grateful american, we love these folks who made it possible for us to enjoy the greatest country on the face of god's green earth, the
3:55 am
united states of america. earlier in the show montel williams said typically letting the words thank you for your service is not enough. for a long time the country was rebuilt by people who went to college on the gi bill and own homes because there was an opportunity given to veterans that was really a due reward for what they had done for the could you wantry. today many veterans have to stand in line and have to ask not once but repeatedly for the things that are promised. i don't care if you are a democrat or republican or political leader, these veterans kept their promises to us. by the grace of god we ought to keep our promises to them. [applause] i am so grateful you joined us
3:56 am
and i will not let this show end. we talked about tony's wonderful song. you better do a tie a yello ribbon for all of us in branson, missouri. i will play it with you. >> we'll give ♪ i am coming home. ♪ i've done my time. ♪ i've got to know what it is. snot -- ♪ if you receive my letter ♪ telling you i will be free. ♪ then you will have to know if you still want me. shall we do it together. ♪ tie a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree. ♪ it's been three long years do you still want me? ♪ if i don't see your ribbon
3:57 am
around the old oak tree. ♪ i will be on the bus and forget about us. and put the blame. ♪ if i don't see the yellow riononononononononononononononon
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